Mock driving tests for beginners in Huntingdon and beyond

You can benefit from the mock driving tests conducted by the experienced instructors at Get Driving to ensure you are ready to take the test. Areas we serve include Huntingdon, St Neots and Cambridge. For more details, speak to our team.

Frequently asked questions

How many hours do I need?
Everyone is different and will need a different number of lessons. Other relevant factors may include whether you've gained road experience on a motorbike or you've had practice in your own car. However, generally from our own experience, it's usually between 28 - 38 lesson hours to get you to test standard. (The DSA recommends about 45 hours.)

How much do you charge?
Please call to learn about our weekly offers.

Which test centres do you cover?
Our test centres are in Cambridge, Peterborough and Bedford.

What cars do you use?
Manual lessons are taught in a new Mini Cooper 3-door hatchback and the automatic lessons in a new Toyota Yaris. 
Both cars come with air-conditioning, power steering and fully adjustable seats.

Will I have to have my lesson with another pupil in the car?
No, our lessons are strictly on a one to one basis.

Our aim is:
  • To be professional and courteous at all times
  • To teach the DSA syllabus and promote Safe Driving For Life
  • To be friendly, helpful and approachable
  • To be reliable and punctual
  • To offer value for money
For mock driving tests in Huntingdon and nearby areas including Cambridge, contact Get Driving on 
07940 953 711

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